Get Help with Your Financial Aid

Get Help with Your Financial Aid

Get Help with Your Financial Aid

FAFSA Completion Event


Saturday FAFSA Help

July 27, 2024  |  9 am - 12 pm  |  Hannelly Enrollment Center

Completing the FAFSA form is the first step to securing Federal Financial Aid. It also makes you eligible for many private scholarships. Join us for a special weekend event designed to simplify the submission process.

Review the session preparation area below, where you'll discover helpful tips. Parents, spouses—and others who can provide information for the form—are also encouraged to join.


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Additional Virtual Help

Financial Aid Open Sessions,
including FAFSA Completion

Join a session for assistance with: FAFSA completion, verification, resolution of your To-Do List, and more.

Location                Bear Trax Room, Hannelly Center
Every Tuesday      1 pm -3 pm 
Every Thursday    2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Doors close 30 minutes before sessions end.

Can't Join Us at the Offered Times?   

for one-on-one, virtual help.


More Resources for Help

Prepare for Your Session

All Meetings

Have the following items on hand:

  • Official photo ID
  • Any items appearing on your To-Do List, if applicable.  Your To-Do List, provided by Maricopa Community Colleges, can be found by logging into and navigating under the Task tile.  

If you're unable to produce this material, please attend anyway.  Joining a session will help you better understand your options.

Joining to Complete Your FAFSA?

If you're attending to complete your FAFSA, you'll need:

  • Your FSA-ID.  Obtain your ID before attending, by creating an FSA-ID account:
    • Follow the
    • Write down your Username and Password so you can
  • Your Alien Registration Number, if you aren't a U.S. Citizen
  • Your Social Security Number (student and parent)
  • Your parents' social security number and date of birth 
  • Federal tax returns 
  • W-2's or record of money earned
  • Records of untaxed income

       ** 2021 income/tax information if you are completing the 2023-2024 FAFSA **

Income Information, Based on Your Dependency Status, is Required to Complete the FAFSA

Your answers to FAFSA questions will determine Your dependency status determines whose income information must be reported on the FAFSA form:

  • If you’re a dependent student, you’ll report your and your parental information.
  • If you’re an independent student, you’ll report your information.  Married students are also required to share their spouse’s information.