Do you want to help guide today’s youth to becoming tomorrow’s leaders? Does the idea of helping children grow academically and socially appeal to you? If so, consider enrolling in the Education program. Upon completing this program, you can pursue a rewarding career as a teacher’s aide or instructional assistant. With continued education, you can become a secondary school or special education teacher, or teach in non-profit, community, or civic organizations.

This program will prepare you for a career in education with foundational education courses related to philosophies, policies, attitudes, behaviors, and instruction. Our experienced instructors will also help you develop in-depth knowledge in human development, teaching and learning theories, instructional strategies, cultural differences, and inclusive educational practices to individualize instruction for diverse learners. You will receive real-world classroom experiences to connect the theories you learn with hands-on practice. This program will also teach you about the historical and current educational influences at the local, state, federal, and global levels to educate you in professional policies and the political process.

Open the windows of young minds today. Enroll in the Education program.

Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.

Why ýƵ?

Those with a passion for teaching may turn to the Education program at ýƵ to make it official. ýƵ offers a variety of education courses, and future teachers may take courses ranging from introductions of teaching to cultural diversity in education, children's literature, and teaching for community colleges.

ýƵ offers an Associate in Arts in Elementary Education (AAEE), as well as the opportunity to enroll in a general studies, Associate in Arts program to fulfill lower-division education requirements. This applies to areas of focus in elementary education, early childhood education, secondary education, and special education.

Next Steps

Discuss your course load with an academic advisor inside the Hannelly Enrollment Center (HC) at our historic, centrally located campus. Future students may contact the program director, Kat Valdivia, for more information.