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Whether your goal is to transfer to a university, refresh your skills for the workplace, or simply explore a personal interest, ýƵ's faculty and staff are here to support your journey.  A community fixture since 1920, we deliver over 150 affordable degree and certificate programs, and serve approximately 17,000 students annually. 

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There are four steps to Maricopa Community Colleges' enrollment process:


You're Only Four Steps Away

The enrollment process is outlined in a 2-page PDF, downloadable in both and .  While the enrollment process is simple, many people choose to print the form, and use it to stay organized.  The below links represent each of the enrollment steps, and will connect you with the pages—and people—needed to complete them.

The steps are designed to be completed in sequence:

You'll create a Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID) account, apply for admission, and submit proof of identification.  The MEID will remain with you throughout your time at ýƵ.

Most tasks vary student-by-student, depending on past experiences. You'll Determine Placement, or establish which classes you're ready to take.  You'll also Initiate Advisement Services, which will help you determine the classes you want to take; and Schedule Orientation, to become acquainted with college resources.

Based on your personal preferences, develop a course schedule for the upcoming semester.

Your class schedule is secured when you arrange tuition payment by the semester due date.  There are multiple ways to finance for your education, including payment plans.


The Hannelly Enrollment Center is Here to Help!

Hannelly is your one-stop resource to complete the Enrollment Steps in real time, while receiving personalized answers to your questions.  Some services require appointments.  For an overview of Hannelly teams, hours, and ways to connect with staff from your home, visit the Hannelly Center Page.  

The Hannelly Enrollment Center is located on the west side of campus, near the intersection of Thomas Rd., and 15th Ave.  Abundant parking is available in the adjacent parking garage, and West Lot.