ýƵ is more than a school - we're part of the community.

ýƵ (ýƵ) welcomed its first students, as one of the first higher education institutions in Maricopa County on September 13, 1920. ýƵ's founders envisioned the College as a place of inclusion, as a non-segregated institution.

Today, the College continues to be a place of diversity, equity and access. Our focus on transformation includes seeking out partnerships that work with opportunity youth, refugee and immigrant populations, Hispanic, Asian, Native American populations and adult learners. ýƵ is dedicated to providing access to valuable and affordable education and community services.

Your are important to helping us with this mission. Because, when our community, gets involved - we are making an impact on the future of this college!

With over 150 degree and certificate programs, ýƵ serves approximately 17,000 students like you each year. We work hard to prepare you for whatever your next step is — university transfer, career training and advancement, or lifelong learning.

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